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Nicholas (Nick)



LGHS Boys Varsity Volleyball, 2018-2020, Outside Hitter, Team Captain (2020) 13th ranked high school team in the nation (2020)
LGHS Boys Jr. Varsity Volleyball, 2017-2018, Libero (2017), Outside Hitter, Team Captain (2018)
LGHS El Gato News, Public Relations Manager, Sport Reporter/Photographer 2018-2020
City Beach Boys Volleyball Club, 2017-2020, Outside Hitter, Team Captain
Prep2Prep, 2019-2020, Sports Reporter
MaxPreps, 2018, LG Football Reporter

Future Plans 

While it should come as no surprise to those who know him, Nick has had a laser-focused drive to become an ASU Sun Devil since spending two weeks at the university’s Walter Cronkite Sports Broadcast camp two Summers ago. Come August, Nick will be donning maroon and gold as he embarks to Phoenix to pursue Sports Journalism at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. He is also looking forward to continuing his passion for volleyball by joining ASU’s club volleyball team. #CronkiteNation #FutureSunDevil #Volleyball

Message from Family

We closed our eyes for but a moment and suddenly a bright, dedicated, ambitious young man is standing where a little boy used to be. You have given us so many reasons to be proud, Nick. You were born with a passion for sports/athletics and that passion has never waivered. Continue to chase your dreams, stay passionate, humble and true. Like the Arizona sun, you bring light to everything you touch. No matter where you go, we’re your biggest fans! Love, Your Borgia Posse #ForksUp #ASU


Nicholas (Nick)

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We all are super proud for you and your accomplishments. Enjoy ASU!

Todd, Leigh, Paige, Rylie, & Jude Edwards

Congrats Nick! We are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish at ASU! Let me know when you are ready to come work with me in LA. :)

McKenzie Hanson

So proud of you, Nick! Wish we could be there to give you some supersonic high fives in person. Congratulations!

Meghan & Jamie

What a great night for you to celebrate. Congratulations!! I know you will go far in life 💚
Grandma Welch

Judy welch

Wooooo go Nick!!!! Congratulations!!!!


Congratulations to our AMAZING nephew Nick!! Happy graduation and we know your talents will take you far as you begin this exciting new journey at ASU

Tiffany Ann Borgia

Congratulations from Australia, and all the best at ASU!

Jamie Bosanko

Hi Nick,
So proud of you, you are a great kid and I know you will do great things. Have a wonderful summer. Visit us in Walla Walla.

Shari Hanson

Hey it's me Sam I just want to tell you that you are the best cousin that anyone could ask for and I wish I could see you more often.


You have a grandpa who loves, admires and respects you and who is very proud of who and what you are. Thanks for being who and what you are.

Grandpa Welch

You did it, Kiddo!
Nick Borgia Version 1.0 now complete. Congrats, my talented friend!
The world anxiously awaits!
Go get ‘em!!
Love, Unkl Jeph

Unkl Jeph

Your life story is off to such an amazing start. Harness your passion, trust your heart, and always lead with integrity. Congrats, my son!

Kristi Borgia

You made it, Nick! Congratulations! You have grown into such a great man with an amazing heart. Soak up every moment of the next 4 years.

Janine, Jason & JJ

Congrats Nick! May you enjoy the journey ahead and always remain true to your kind and adventurous childhood spirit. Ski fast and take chances!

Carrie Tichenor

Congratulations Nick!!!! Hope you enjoy your time at ASU. You’ll do great!!

Meileigh Welch

Nick! Congratulations on making it through High School. Everything else will be a piece of cake ;) I know your next chapter is going to be amazing!

Shanee Ben-Zur

Congratulations!! I know you’ll do amazing things at ASU :)


Nick! Hard to believe you’re a graduate! Feels like yesterday you & the boys were running around like wildlings!
Congrats! Lots of hugs, tt


You are an incredible human who makes my heart smile. Oreo cookie shakes, blanket forts, hide & seek with Rhonin at Grammy & Grumpy’s. You rock! XOXO

Aunt Nanny

You have amazed me since the moment you were born kid! Continue to be awesome, it's a great journey to be a part of! So proud of you!

Aunt Meme

We loved watching you grow-up into a kind & smart young man. We are very proud of all you have accomplished and can't wait to see what you do next!

Forbes Family

Nick, so proud of you! It's been special watching you grow into the successful young man you've become. Congrats on your graduation and ASU!! -JD

Jen Deauville