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You could almost always find Jamie in El Gato, where she was Editor in Chief her senior year. If not there, she was probably practicing for the Spring Musical - she recently played Donna in the super secret LGHS production of Mamma Mia! She has also been known to haunt Cafe Dio and Phil's, and spotted around town driving an orange convertible Mini Cooper (aka the Kumquat.)

Future Plans 

Jam will be living out her dream life in Greenwich Village where she'll be attending NYU, staking out her new coffee hangout (Bröd? Think? Witchcraft?), browsing The Strand or Three Lives and Company for a new favorite read, or eating ice cream from Van Leuven's and fantasizing about a tiny studio apartment with exposed brick walls.

Message from Family

Jam - You've brightened up the world in so many ways. You've always been able to make us cry laughing, and laugh when we are crying. We're jealous that NY gets the next four years but can't wait to see what you do and visit the city with you as our tour guide. We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Jess, Indy, Harley, Boo, Mushu, Swizz, Sandur, Rán, Lju, Grace and Frankie.



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Congratulations Jamie. We are so excited for you and so glad we’ve had the pleasure of watching you grow into the amazing woman you are! xoxoxo

The Graffs

Hi Jamie,

Congratulations on graduation and NYU! How exciting. You are an inspiration to us all. We miss seeing you!


The Huebners

I am so proud of you!! Can’t wait to watch you conquer the world!!💜💜💜


Jam - so proud of you! Can’t wait to see the next chapter of Jamie! But, who is going to laugh at my jokes now? Don’t worry....Boo will be fine.


Hi Jamie. So proud of you. You’ve done so well. Congratulations on graduation and fantastic news about NYU! Hope to see you soon. Love you!

Denny & Wendy