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Played attack position in field hockey and lacrosse
Member of Asante Adornments Club
Came in second place for Musical Chairs in the Fall 2019 Spirit Rally
Built houses in Mexico during three spring breaks with Saratoga Federated Church
Went on the Catalina trip with APES

Future Plans 

Brittany will attend the University of Washington in the fall of 2020 and major in political science. She looks forward to pledging a sorority, hiking in the beautiful Cascade mountain range, tailgating to UW football games, and pursuing a career in the FBI or going to law school.

Message from Family

Congratulations to our high school grad!!!! on facing your unfortunate second semester with strength, dignity and occasional sense of humor...pressing on through all of the uncertainties and disappointments and many losses. Your determination to set your mind in the midst of many losses and uncertainties of your senior year and your willingness to receive the good from those who care so much for you have revealed a heart rooted in faith and hope. High school has been much more than just this semester, and we are so incredibly proud of the choices and investments you made in challenging yourself in field hockey and lacrosse and in AP classes, and others that opened doors to an exciting college experience. All of the late nights studying, tutoring, testing and retesting, taking in what LGHS had to offer you, supporting your friends and little brother and reaching outside of LG to serve other communities...all which have brought you to this very cusp of your next big thing.

In addition to the hard work, you have learned to find your own voice and listen to your own heart even when it took you in unexpected directions.

Growing up requires casting dreams and then chasing them, but when realizing that your dream was not your dream after all, you had the courage and confidence to redefine and redirect your dreams.

Our wish for you is that you don’t give up when the rough waters and strong winds of life’s storms surge against you and the dreams begin to fade...that you stay your course or forge new dreams when necessary, cast out the doubters and surround yourself with “believers” and thinkers who pay attention to you, see your great value, love you and will cheer you on…

We wish for you peace and joy as you discover your purpose and passion while on this planet. May you show grace when people fail you and strive to make this world better for someone else because of you. And remember that regardless of where life takes are never alone. We love you so much and feel blessed that God chose us to be your parents! Love you, Britt!
...Dad, Mom, Riley, Ryan, and Bodie



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