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Mia loved going to LGHS. She has had such a great group of friends to create memories and fun adventures with. Each starting year, she looked forward to the Spirit Week and participated in each days' theme. One of her favorite times was when she brought in Charlotte, our Shihtzu to school a few times. Charlotte shadowed Mia around school and sat on her lap in class.

Future Plans 

Mia is attending Loyola Marymount College in Los Angeles. This is one of her top choices and worked very hard to get to this moment. Her major is Marketing and a minor in Psychology. As we all watch and feel the disappointment of the last months of her Senior year, she has handled this turbulent time with grace and strength within a very emotional time. I'm so proud of her and her focus to getting to her potential colleges. This was her journey to see what she is made of and she did it all through perseverance and not giving up on what she wanted.

Message from Family

Mimi- You have made us so proud of what you have done in just 18 years! Through thick and thin and with all the challenges that came your way, it is incredible how you got back up and found your strength of the girl you have become. We are so happy for you that you got into LMU and look forward to seeing you thrive and how you will change the world. Believe in what is most important, stay curious and best of all.....Dream Big!



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CONGRATULATIONS MIA!!!! I love you and I’m so fkn proud of you!!!! I hope to see you in a few years at LMU((;; I miss you and love you sm!!

Isabelle Achkar