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Pursuing a Bachelor in Math while enjoying all the things he loves: woodworking, umpiring, drumming and perhaps after Corona some extensive traveling and exploring the world!

Message from Family

Hey Max! You graduated from school and we are so happy for you! From now on you are free to shape your own life! Enjoy, and we trust that you find your way! We love you, Mom&Dad, Julius, Victoria and of course Daisy



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Dear Max,
many Congratulations. on your High School Graduation Day!
Good luck for the future!💙🌍☘️Make your mark! Be happy & enjoy the adventures !

Anne,Kevin,Jonathan,Janet,Noah,Madeleine,Philip & Simon!!

Hi Max! Big Congrats! School is over but the lessons of life are still to be learnt, and you never stop learning them! Go change the world!

Mark Anderson

Lieber Max, herzlichen Glückwunsch aus Deutschland! Wir wünschen dir Glück, Erfolg und Zufriedenheit. Liebe Grüße, Nicola & Familie


Congratulations! Max. Very happy for you!

Roopa & Family

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Hishschoolabschluss! Wir wünschen dir alles Gute für deine Zukunft. Sei offen, ergreife Chancen, werde glücklich!

Christina & family

Dear Max,
It’s been so much fun watching you from Dave’s to LGHS; your beautiful woodwork and fabulous bread! Congratulations and more fun to come!

Sally Ellis

Congratulation Max. We wish you all the best and a very exciting future. - That hopefully will include lots of power tools.

Winter Family

Lieber Max,
wir sind stolz auf Dich und wünschen Dir viel Erfolg auf deinem Weg. Mach was draus, Du bist jetzt für Dich verantwortlich.

Marcus Wolff

Dear Max,
Your life journey is about to start & spread your wings and the sky is the limit. Good luck with your new chapter of your life!

Nava Bernstein

Dear Max,
An new adventure! Whatever you choose to do, do it with enthusiasm and enjoy this new phase in your life.
We wish you all the very best.

Grandma & Grandad

Congrats Max! You are embarking on a new and exciting phase of your life...A time to explore and discover. We wish all the best! Lisa, Luc, Christian

Lisa Plowman