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Lacrosse, and 3 years of Advanced Scientific Research/Synopsis Science Fair

Future Plans 

Right now Tyler is focused primarily on transitioning to College and entertaining the possibility of a post graduate degree. He was accepted to his first choice, Lafayette College, pursuing a degree as a mechanical engineer. Lafayette is a small liberal arts college in the northeast and was essentially a perfect fit for him. The school is small, so it has a great sense of community and tight student/faculty relationships; it has an excellent engineering program, but at a Liberal Arts school so he can have a more rounded education; the school is only undergraduate so it has more meaningful research opportunities; and he just loved the beautiful campus and "vibe" of the school.

Tyler had planned a European vacation with some of his friends this summer, but with COVID 19 it's highly unlikely they'll be able to pull it off. Perhaps they can reschedule for after Freshman year....we'll see. Other than that, the places he most wants to travel are Amsterdam and Japan. Japan would likely be a winter trip because beyond the big tourist areas, he also wants to snowboard the big powder on the northern island of Hokkaido.

He doesn't have any specific plans on the perfect job or where he wants to live, he just wants to enjoy college and see where life takes him.

Message from Family

Dear Tyler,

CONGRATULATIONS! We can’t believe how quickly this important moment has come. You have accomplished so much in the past four years and deserve to celebrate! From mastering three unpredictable, grueling ASR projects to overcoming an epic lacrosse playoff game that resulted in your first torn ACL, you’ve seen a lot and come a long way since you were a little guy learning to walk! We are so incredibly PROUD of who you have become.

That being said, this is the just beginning. You are at the starting line of the rest of your life, and we hope you are as excited as we are to see all that’s to come and how you’ll continue to grow. From this moment on, YOU are accountable for who you are and what happens next. That is an incredible privilege and at the same time, an incredible responsibility. You have the freedom to define who you are and where you go, cherish and protect that. We won’t be waking you up in the mornings, preparing your meals or making sure your homework done, that’s on you now so own it =) Stand on the strength and integrity of who you are today and fight for what you want. Make the hard choices and adjust as needed, knowing that some disappointment is always inevitable. You will stumble, but be graceful with yourself and remember that it in those moments, we have the greatest opportunity to learn.

We love you for all that you are and look forward to watching you continue to discover your dreams.

From Tristan....


Being my big brother wasn’t always perfect, as siblings we didn’t always get along but no matter what we still loved and respected each other. Now that you're leaving it's going to be sad, but I know that you have great opportunities ahead of you. You can do so much good with the intelligence you have and I only wish the best for you!



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