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Kadin is a total drama geek but he also participated in choir and the Acapella group. For all of you that know Kadin I'm not sure he looks at school as a place to learn but more of a place to socialize. I'm sure he has thought that's what school is for from day one in kindergarten.

Future Plans 

My hope for Kadin's future is for him to continue to chase his dreams and to be happy and healthy. Also for him to get his driver's license so I can put away my chauffeur uniform for good.

Message from Family

Kadin it's hard to put into words how proud of you I am. You know the struggles we have been through yet you have remained a great son. Your always there with a smile and some random lame highschooler comment which of course I will gladly join in with lame old man responses and let the games begin. Continue to work towards your dreams I will be there for you every step of the way. Stay true to yourself there's a big beautiful world out there waiting for you. To all of Kadin's friends and friends parents thanks for being there for Kadin I know he's kinda of a pain and I swear I do feed him at home no matter what he says. By the way the checks in the mail.
In the end
Congratulations son the struggle has been real
All my Love
Old Man



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You are a joy and make me smile every time I see you! We will miss your smiling face and infectious joy on campus. Stay in touch and be happy Kadin.

Marsha Thomas (Meena’s Mom)

This isn't goodbye. We're gonna keep talking for a while after school is over. I just wanted to thank you for being your wack-ass crackhead self : )

Will Lennan